Four Reasons Why Write Idea Can Make The Difference For You

  1. Stale Content

You’ve covered all the bases to ensure that your business succeeds, save for one: The last time you refreshed the content on your website, people used Dial Up to surf the “Information Superhighway.”

Write Idea ensures that your content is fresh, dynamic and adaptable for the evolving digital landscape.



  1. Stifled Creative

You are the brilliant mind behind an invaluable service. But when it comes to putting your message into words, your mind goes blank.

Write Idea makes your message relatable, identifiable, and relevant to the masses.



  1. Farmed-out “Talent”

You’ve outsourced content jobs to cut-rate talent farms, where they assign projects to people who have no clue about your service, clientele, or product.

True Story: A friend hired the lowest freelance bidder to write content for a fundraising event. He sent along an extensive background binder, which clearly stated this objective: “Highlight the value of non-water fowl indigenous to Northern Florida.”

The end result was a two-page endorsement for game hunting — AND even included a recipe for pheasant stew.

Great, but for one problem: My friend is a vegan environmentalist. And the fundraising event he spearheaded was aimed at preserving and protecting the natural habitat of upland birds.

Write Idea approaches your content needs as an investigative journalist, with sincere intent, in-depth research, and personal involvement.



  1. Lost Connection

You’ve implemented the best S.E.O programs. You’ve hired the best web metric minds. You’ve landed the best virtual real estate. And eureka! You’ve made instant contact with your target audience.

But, much to your surprise and frustration, you haven’t made a lasting connection. This is what I call “blinking light marketing” — Your content is seen, but not shared. Its engagement flickers, but never stays on.

Write Idea delivers content that drives your demand AND converts brand ambivalence into brand allegiance.