Since 2004, I have published over 3500 investor and trader articles as marketing collateral for the world’s largest independent forecasting firm, Elliott Wave International. These highly concentrated, 1-2 page pieces are the best face forward to articulate the company’s brand, drive traffic to its website, and convert first-time guests to long-time subscribers.

Regular positive feedback for these articles come from EWI President, best-selling author, and globally recognized stock market analyst Bob Prechter — TO — product managers, coworkers, and visitors to the site ALIKE.


Forward to Nico Isaac from Customer Service, For those who appreciate EW analysis, this is one of the best timing articles for long-term traders that I’ve seen coming from EWI. It’s baffling to see this well-substantiated article only getting an average rating of 4 out of 5, from a substantial number of readers (355 as of this writing). It should receive a 5 out of 5 (it’s one of your best).


Sold: $1400/ 70 orders/ 22000 views
Nico: Comparing market adages to our calls is a brilliant idea, and your write-up is impeccable. — Bob
— Robert Prechter, Executive Director, Socionomics Institute


Sold: $4000/ 200 orders/ 37,600 views
Great. Thanks Nico. I can always count on you to write something new 🙂
— Abby, production manager


Hi Nico,
I really enjoy all of your updates and today’s opening salvo about what’s on the barbeque made me laugh so hard. I just had to say hello and let you know what a great article I thought it was. Happy 4th… I’ll take mine well done.
—Jack Martin, senior Currency analyst


Ha Ha Ha…Great Video – DR (subscriber)
By the way, GOOD WORK NICO —Bob Prechter, Executive Director

This is excellent. I love that you featured a third-party video, Nico. Not to mention and incredibly entertaining one! I’ll work with Susan on getting this released on affiliates ASAP
—Dan Patterson, Creative Director


Yo – “Tinderbox” another great piece by you — Dave Allman, senior stock market analyst


Hey Nico,
Great article off the front page. I like the research you did on the Fortune article and the ’32-33 headlines. This rises to the level of analysis! I’m wondering if Pete or Steve could borrow from it for FF. You got 4 stars from 40 readers, and they are well deserved.
—Bob Prechter, Executive Director


I think your Japan’s NIKKEI: Where Would It Be Now If Not for The Earthquake? is terrific. Such a well-wrought story that explains wave analysis within the context of the earthquake and tsunami. And so great to see Chris’s analysis given its due.
—Susan Walker, Marketing Director


I LOVE what you are doing with your 3-part series. What a great idea you had! Cheers and Happy New Year,
—Susan Walker, Marketing Director

The FRUPs you’ve been doing lately have been perfect for converting and using on the Affiliate network to promote a club resource. They’ve been very educational and lend themselves beautifully for the Affiliates.
Have a good day!
Debbie Hodgkins, Affiliate Manager


One of the best videos YET. (Probably THE best, because of the jumping kitty, but shhhh.)
— Vadim Pokhlebkin, Copy Editor and Senior Content Strategist


Hi Nico,
I wrote those updates exactly the same for this very moment when I could thank you. Absolutely awesome cycle of writing for the writer. Got my name in bright lights huh.
Jack Martin, Senior Currency Analyst


Sold: $1800/ 18,200 views/ 93 orders

Investor Marketing Videos, with storyboards

Adds a visual dimension to the value of Elliott Wave International's subscriber services and translates the often insomnia-curing dribble of mainstream finance into relatable and entertaining stories. Videos published to EWI website and YouTube. I write the script and produce the storyboards.

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Lead-generation investor and trader articles posted on EWI’s affiliate business sites, including Bloomberg, Financial Sense, SafeHaven, Minyanville, and Educate and engage a broader audience to the company’s brand.


Magazine Articles

My editorial on the history of bird hunting in Georgia for Lake Oconee Living bumps the original front-page article and becomes the fall 2014 edition’s cover story


From the editor, Andrea Gable
Let me know if you want to take on more stuff for us. I love your writing style and you are so easy to work with!

Music Reviews, Paste Magazine

(internationally-acclaimed authority on pop culture)

This review went on to be cited in the Academy and Grammy-award winning artist’s Wikipedia page, under Reception:


Tomorrowland was also reviewed by Nico Isaac from Paste (magazine). Isaac wrote: “Tomorrowland is like a good, ole’ fashioned rock anthem of kiss-my-asschaps autonomy… One thing’s for sure Tomorrowland – the album and the red-blooded, rattlesnake-eating rebellious attitude – is no place for the weary kind.”


“Take it from me: Listening to Nobody Knows You inside some office cubicle is like asking Chef Gordon Ramsay for a side of ketchup with your steak. This album is pure, 10-bandaided-finger combustibility—the notes need room to breathe, like a freshly uncorked keg of moonshine, each pluck of each string hitching a ride on the cool, Allegheny mountain breeze.”


Arts & Entertainment,

After reading the following piece, the Editor of Georgia Music Magazine contracted me to write a feature story on local publicity rock-stars Baby Robot Media:


From the editor of Georgia Music Magazine, Lisa Love
“Ok, Nicole, your Santa Land Diaries review had me at hello. So how about 900 words on Bon Rappetite!”
Many Thanks
Lisa Love, Director of Music Marketing and Development

Travel Blogging


Introduction to my Meetup group, Nerdy Romantics garnered over 600 members, becoming one of the largest metro Atlanta meetups:

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