Hey again! Here’s a little bit more about how Write Idea came to be.

First, I had to become an accomplished copywriter, reporter, and content developer with 12-plus years of professional experience in the fields of finance and freelance journalism.

In that time, I rose to the position of  senior content strategist for the world’s largest market forecasting firm Elliott Wave International. My investor reports, custom eNewsletters, and affiliate articles are syndicated on premium investment and business sites, including Minyanville, Gold Seek, Market Oracle, Harry Dent newsletter, and

In 2007, I went solo and formed Write Idea: a freelance commercial and editorial writing business.

I create first-rate content for all platforms. My byline and articles have appeared in several national publications, for feature stories, music reviews, marketing collateral, and interviews. The topics I’ve reported on include secret speakeasies to scavenger hunts, stock markets to craft markets, OTC trading to online dating, junk bonds to bird hunting.

Write Idea specializes in two tiers of communication:

  • Marketing: Innovative promotional content for business websites, direct mail/email campaigns, custom newsletters, blogs, video scripts, social media efforts, advertising, landing pages, catalogs, and more.

I understand the need to integrate old & new marketing models, to create the most effective end-user experience;  your readers, customers, and potential customers should be engaged, entertained, educated, and ultimately excited to take action.

Meaning, your audience goes on to secure a subscription, make a pledge, become a sponsor, sign a retainer — goes from prospect to patron.

  • Editorial: Page-turning stories for print and digital publications.

I go into the field for my pieces, and do the work of a journalist — see the action first hand and interview the people involved face-to-face. My treatment of a story will not only meet the caliber of your platform, but it will raise it to an entirely new standard.